Joshua Lee Weaver


Come on in, pull up a chair and let’s get to know each other.

I'll go first, but I’d like to hear from you next....

I am gay, an entrepreneur, a positive energy enthusiast, and a personal development junkie.

I live in the heart of North Carolina with my plants, yes I said plants, because I am attempting to develop my green thumb.  I'm also single, so to all my single queens and kings out there, raise your glass.  This is a toast to us! 

My latest challenge results (post surgery from an injury).

Although it was a tumultuous journey to where I am today, I am now a life-long nutrition and exercise enthusiast. I have had great experience coaching clients online for over a decade. I’m currently living my best life, happy and healthy, and directing others on how to do the same.


Let’s rewind it back to the early 2000’s.  I had no real direction where I wanted to take my life and, as most young adults do, I was experimenting with different careers to see which one may ignite a passion.  I was also exhausted, tired and overworked in retail and serving tables.  I didn’t love my body nor did I know how to take care of it.  I constantly compared my physical appearance to others and always felt inferior.  I took action.  I thought I can change this, I will change this.  I started going to the gym and working out as much as possible.  I read the sports magazines, I hired a trainer but no results. I would eat a honey bun and drink a soda then go run a 5k.  Sounds crazy now, but I didn’t know what i didn’t know.  After about a year with no results, I hated myself even more.  Low self esteem through and through. I gave up.

In 2005 I traveled to Dallas for an entrepreneur conference.  One of the presenters spoke on self sabotaging and destructive behavior.  As he was taking us through the journeys of the human physche, he gave an example on smoking cigarettes.  My ears perked up to attention, at this time I was smoking three packs of cigarettes a day.  This was my “ah-ha” moment.  It was as though he was speaking directly to me.  Two days later I stopped smoking and really dedicated myself start to loving me. I began to address underlying imbalances via lifestyle change, nutrition, proper supplements, and exercise.

I started strength training.  As an adult, my daily "me time", was spent in the gym.  My passion for nutrition and strength training quickly escalated and I looked for outlets to constantly challenge myself.  I even looked into fitness competitions. This amazing thing starts to happen when you make a decision and you have the knowledge and a clear plan, you start taking massive action.  I started waking up rested without an alarm. I started to truly love myself and my body.   I started to glow from the inside out.  I finally started to love me.  I started getting noticed by the guys.  Then of all things, I was also noticed by the modeling industry. 


This is where it happened! Truth is, I fell into online nutrition coaching by accident. I was constantly asked for help with nutrition and lifting program.  I fell in love with helping others achieve their goals, while keeping their systems balanced and healthy. This ‘coaching’ gig grew very quickly for me via word of mouth.

Through endless research, the journey of healing myself, and over a decade of working with others to achieve their goals, I’ve learned so much on how to live a happy, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle through nutrition and exercise.  I feel blessed beyond belief that I get to help others do the same.


We don’t have to kill ourselves in the gym or become master chefs in the kitchen to be proud of the body we live in.

I can’t wait to help you eliminate your stresses/confusion and show you via food and exercise how to freely live your best life in a body that you freaking LOVE! Partnered together, I’m confident we will redefine YOUR PERSONAL BEST.  I’m excited to hear YOUR story.

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