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Here's What Some Of My Clients Had To Say!

The 16 week challenge help me put on 15lbs of muscle.


Loved my body, but hated my mind. I forgot how to take care of ME. So I decided to try this. 10 months later, I’m in Bali, living the best version of me!


Two 16 week challenges completed - 51lbs and 8.5 inches lost.


What I got was so much more than weight loss,  I regained a love.  I lost 20lbs and I weigh less than I did before I had children. At 38, I’m in better shape than I was when I was a teenager.  

Having rediscovered my self-love and confidence, I also regained my love for long distance running.  I’m so grateful that I said yes.  It’s been life changing and I’ve gained so much more than I could’ve possibly hoped for.


After a severe injury back in 2011, I underwent 15 surgeries to rebuild the left side of my body. Faced with a new life of chronic pain and self-pity, I became clinically depressed. 

The birth of my daughter, Willow, in August 2018 should have been the happiest moment of my life. Instead, I felt empty.

Holding her for a couple of minutes would cause my body to hurt, I felt like I was looking after her out of responsibility, not love.

That was until I started my first 16 week challenge, which completely changed my perspective on life and my health. Even my health practitioners saw a remarkable change in my mindset! 


On the let I was just about to enter high school where I was suppose to be an active teenager!  The picture on the right is me fueling my body properly and it really does show.  Thanks to the 16 week challenge for making it so easy for a busy working college girl like me to feel and look the best I can!


Once I realized a change needed to take place, I tried something I’ve never tried before in my eating habits, consistency.

Daily life for me consisted of trying to find healthy eating habits that I could stick to. Food has been a tough one for me. I love eating all kinds of food so much that when my emotions are high or low, like most of us, I binge on what I love.  Weight loss wasn’t a goal for me. My gut was my goal and BOY did that change for the better!!! 

I can still say I’ve dropped 25LBS since I begun this journey and given it wasn’t a goal, that’s pretty cool!!

Everyone wants to add a spark to their story...something they’ll love and want others to love too! I’ve met so many amazing people during this time and still adding to that list. Allowing yourself to be treated with respect in the food you eat is a "pay it forward" to your future. Who wants diabetes, cancer, and other debilitating diseases that shorten your life when you can change what you let your body have now?


Before the 16 Week Challenge I was disappointed with the person I saw in the mirror.

What I saw looking back at me was an unmotivated and unhealthy 25 year old who, instead of being in his prime and chasing his dreams, was in the worst shape of his life, tired every day and had given up.

This was damaging to my self esteem, and I slowly began to accept that maybe this was it for me, after all the things I'd dreamed of achieving in my lifetime, it had come to this and I would just have to accept a reality that was far less than the one I knew I was capable of.

I had 4 weeks to give it an honest go, and if I wasn't happy with the results I'd get my money back. It really was a no brainer, and I found that it cost less than what I was already spending on fastfood anyway 😂

Well, after 30 days I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror!  I hadn’t looked like that in years! I was also springing out of bed in the morning, and it was so strange to have energy all day because I'd never experienced what good nutrition felt like.

After seeing my abs my wife (Tori N. pictured below) wanted the same results and she started the program too! And in a few short months we went from being in the worst shape of our lives to the best shape of our lives, I’m still blown away by the results, and grateful to have been introduced to something that has allowed me to transform my body, mind and life 🙏


This is me BEFORE and AFTER my health journey.  I have never felt confident and happy in my own skin. I could never look at myself in the mirror. Tired, stressed, no energy, unmotivated, unhappy.

I would get teased all the time for my big butt and "saddle bags" and no matter how hard I tried I could not lose the weight or cellulite in my hips, butt, and thighs. Bikinis were out of the question! I had so much anxiety going to the beach because of how I looked I would always cover up with a singlet, coupled with a sarong or shorts. I would get jealous when I would see a beautiful woman because they always seemed so confident and happy with themselves, that was what I wanted as well.

The hardest pill I had to swallow was the fact that the way I viewed myself had a massive negative impact on my relationship with my husband, and I was a terrible example to my children. I would take my frustrations out on my family and that was not how I wanted to be but I didn't know how to change. This is how I lived my life for 30 years, pretty depressing right? That was until i was introduced me to the 16 Week Challenge. 

My life has completely changed. I lost 14kgs and toned up. I'm a more pleasant person to be around and the relationship between my husband and kids has improved dramatically.

I joined for weight loss, but what I didn't know is I had so much more to gain. I reclaimed my energy, I now have restful sleeps, I gained a massive community of positive and supportive people who are there for each other and are constantly cheering you on! I joined for weight loss, but I ended up gaining my life back, I have gained ME


The 16 Week challenge works, my results prove it.


I wasn’t going to share my results, but I am doing it anyways as it might help someone. 

This is NOT a before and after. This is an ONGOING journey. This, right now represents where I’m at after the 16 week Challenge but I’d love to give you some insight on the things you can’t really tell from a picture and what that transformation really was.

I used to think that getting ready for a  fight/competition  was hard. Well it was, VERY hard.  Little did I know though the hardest times were about to come when I made a decision to stop fighting. 

WAIT!!! perhaps .. I DID KNOW EXACTLY  what was gonna happen. I knew I would have nothing to work towards, nothing to get fit for , no weight category to make by a certain date, so what the heck was I gonna do!?  I was gonna fall off the wagon big time!! That scared me so much that I kept fighting without even loving it for a while just because I was scared of dealing with things once I stopped and was scared of a new reality. 

Once I made the decision I stop fighting, I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Pressure was off. 

I cruised at training,just wanted to be healthy. I also became vegetarian and that took some time to adapt and adjust, but it’s ok I wasn’t in a rush.

All was going good Until... I got injured! And this time it put me off all sorts of training for quite a while. That hit me hard. I then lost ALL my motivation and will to train once I was allowed to train again. I still trained but it was the same anymore. I had nothing to get ready for and I just didn’t deal with that well. I went to a dark place with my emotions. I also had started a new job and because it was so far from home, it meant I had to change Muay Thai gyms. Leaving my gym was HARD as they were my family, but had to do it if I wanted to keep training martial arts. 

I knew I couldn’t stay in a rut forever though. I joined an accountability group with my friends in Jan, they helped me a lot to get back to normal. Slowly But surely. So Grateful for them. 

Things became better, I liked my new job, I fell in love with training kickboxing again, I finally felt like myself again !!!


This would have been a HUGE problem for OLD ME that needed a gym/scheduled classes/competition etc to force/motivate me to be fit. But this time was different. Never thought I’d say this but for the first time in my life I stayed consistent with home work outs (never thought I’d be able to do that as it’s boring AF). 

I’m nailing this vegetarian stuff and make the best meal Preps. I don’t starve or cut calories like crazy. I sleep well, I have so much energy and have been using this lockdown as a blessing in disguise to work on my mindset, breath work as well and getting stuff done that I normally don’t get the chance to.

My message to you , is if you are struggling or you are in a rut like I was , don’t lose hope. Things will pass.

I’d recommend you to surround yourself with supportive people that will help push you to become a better person. Don’t be hard on yourself, take it one day at a time and don’t give up. I’m also here for you if you need me. Get rid of negative people or negative stuff in your life. Right now specially, it’s so easy to be negative because of virus and lockdown, but doesn’t have to be that way. There are many things to be grateful for and many other good things happening around us for you to focus on. Whether it’s your fitness or anything else in your life, the principles are the same. 

Keep going, you got this !


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